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Call of Duty for PlayStation Vita was announced before there even was a PlayStation Vita. Philip Earl, general manager at Activision announced that Call of Duty would hit the then codenamed NGP (Next Generation Portable) back in January of 2011. Almost instantly the game was hyped as a major release for the handheld. So how did it become one of the worst reviewed major games of 2012? Well, thanks to Kotaku's story about Guitar Hero 7, the picture seems to be a lot clearer:

The studio (Vicarious Visions) was also working on a Vita version of Call of Duty: Black Ops II before that project, which my source said was flawed, was moved to another studio.

That other studio would be Nihilistic Software, who earlier in 2012 developed Resistance: Burning Skies, the first FPS on Vita. The studio hinted that work began on the project before they were given it:

I can't answer that precisely. Activision started about a year ago and we were brought in shortly thereafter.

Superannuation would later reveal that the studio only had 5 months to put together a game. Which is likely why Nihilistic were given the job, as they were the only ones with an FPS engine running on Vita. It would also explain why the game was announced at E3 without a single shred of media, or why it was released with so many issues from the single player missions lasting under an hour combined, to a lackluster multiplayer component. The only thing it doesn't explain is why the game had to come out this year.

After Black Ops: Declassified shipped Nihilistic reformed under the nStigate Games name, and left the physical video game development world.