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(12-07-2012, 09:57 AM)
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Originally Posted by mrklaw

I'm in the UK and I have my parental controls set for my kids. I tested it by logging in as my son and trying to view the zombiU section on miiverse. The title still shows up but you aren't allowed to enter the community. Fine, that's how it's supposed to work. But I can see the community fine (just checked).

So this doesn't seem to be across all of Europe?

Edit : doh, can't view the content in the eshop. It says restricted hours but doesn't say what owe hours are, so I'm supposed to guess? So Ubisoft can't get my money until after 11pm?

This, to me is just outright pathethic. There are parental settings, get the fuck out of my purchasing habits you incompetent cretins.

This "feature" is probably the most idiotic of the many baffling shit decisions that Nintendo made with the customer side on the WiiU. It's incomprehensibly stupid, patronizing and frankly to me, I stopped going to the eshop until this is fixed for adult accounts.

What the flying fuck were they thinking. The incompetence on their part to provide a functional and fun user experience is just mind boggling.

There really needs to be a plattform for these issues, I'm sick and tired of just being restricted to complain about stuff like that on message boards as that is ultimately inconsequential.