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I really think adults should get the Wii-U cheaper.

Singapore goverment does this - you can buy Weekend-cars, which are cheaper, but you can't drive during the week. What Nintendo is doing is basically the same thing without the discounts.

That'd be abused to hell, nevermind that most people getting Nintendo systems probably aren't counting on M rated games being the lion's share of what they play anyway, not unless they literally buy it only for No More Heroes or something.

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Also, my son cannot add friends through miiverse because he is under 13. Even though I unlocked friends requests in his parental settings. H can add friends using the friends list, so both sides have to register.

Just checked after doing that he had proper games appear in his wara wara plaza. No sign of zombiU or BLOPs so it's not even showing blocked games and putting other things instead. That's ok

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TV content rated 18+ is also limited to 11pm to 3am, at least on German free to air stations. The limitation isn't in place because "lol Nintendo", they're simply following laws here. Granted, those laws were made for TV, but since there are no laws governing digital distribution, it's a gray area. Better to be safe than sorry.

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Pretty much. German censorship and "child protecting" laws are idiotic to begin with. But Nintendo is so hell bent on complying with them, that they even go a step beyond that.
They are really going into uncharted territory of stupid here. It's amazing really... if it weren't so cringe inducingly idiotic.

Yeah, these are definitely cases of playing it safe and sticking with laws elsewhere then, given the restrictions on kids under 13 in the US for internet usage and now confirmation that, yes, this really IS Germany's fault, and it IS a law meant for TV that's just insane on a console. Worse in that it's probable they didn't even NEED to, but Nintendo goes by the policy of playing it as safe as they can, as Earthbound not coming to the VC possibly shows despite being one of the most desired NINTENDO games out there.