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Originally Posted by mrklaw

Edit : doh, can't view the content in the eshop. It says restricted hours but doesn't say what owe hours are, so I'm supposed to guess? So Ubisoft can't get my money until after 11pm?

This is my main gripe with it.
I know the hours now (thanks OP), but yeah, it#s kinda stupid. If you can just set your age in your profile and add additional parental controls to each account, why can't you visit the eShop pages of these games at any time you like?

I know Nintendo is pro-children and all that, but why do they have to cripple my online shopping experience because of that?

Also I go to bed quite early (before 10 pm mostly), so the only way to view this content is by staying awake for longer or setting my alarm to a time where I can see the content.

It's kinda stupid, since there's no such restriction in the Live Marketplace or PSN Store.

Originally Posted by wsippel

You can, but it requires PostIdent. Basically, you have to verify your age with the courier when he hands over the package. It's quite inconvenient and expensive.

It's the reason why I had my Wii U on launch day when I could have had it a day early (I ordered ZombiU with the console, so I had to verify my age and all that, but since I was at work when the mailman came...yeah)