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(12-12-2012, 04:40 AM)
I still have the preorder cancellation email Electronics Boutique had sent from my preorder of Eternal Darkness for N64. Had really been looking forward to that version.

Ended up purchasing the GCN version a couple months after it came out from the NOA shop in Redmond when I had been out there. Unfortunately, when I got back from my two weeks out there, our house had been robbed, and my GCN and all its games and such (and various other things as well) had been stolen. Homeowner's insurance had covered the cost of replacing most of it, but for a while Eternal Darkness was all I really had to play for the system. So, spent a good deal of time with it then. Never ended up finishing it though.

Anyway, rambling aside, Silicon Knights really is a strange story. Eternal Darkness, and the point they reached then, seemed to basically be the culmination of everything they had done up to that point, and a place where they could really springboard to success... Instead, things just kind of fell apart. Going to take more time reading through all of this thread, of course, but, it was just such a strange experience being there and seeing it all happen in real time, and wondering how in the world things could go that wrong.