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Sony is POO
(10-11-2006, 12:51 AM)
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Originally Posted by snatches

you're right this is a big derail so never mind.

No let me address what you said. Let me get this out now before some lame people think I cheerlead Sony. Things that need to be fixed or suck from Sony right now.

1. Number of good original PSP titles.

2. Need to talk more about PS3 online service.

3. Need to lower the price of both PS3 skus by $100 by holiday season next year. (They can't expect to sell the PS3 at their prices when MS will lower their prices within 6 months.)

4. Sony needs to ask 3rd parties or develop their own 1st party games with k/b in mind.

5. Gangs of London sucks.

6. PSP needs a price drop like NOW!

7. Sony needs to add rumble to the PS3 controller ASAP. I don't care how much it will cost me to buy the controller. I'll by a rumbling SIXAXIS controller for $100.

8. TH8 on the PS3 is horrible without online and Sony should except at least 50% of the blame if not more. I would have sent extra people on the project and MADE it happen.

9. The human enemies in MGS4's animation sucks. Placeholder hopefully.

10. Sony EXECs need to get fined $10,000 for every dumb remark they make in public. They suck at PR.

So there you go 10 things that Sony either sucks at right now or need to get better at. Still a cheerleader right?