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Originally Posted by ironcreed

So, basically:

Here is some free DLC

Whoops, we lied. Sorry about that.

Oh, you are trying to play it? Banned

Thanks for buying Halo 4.

Not quite. The discussion has been derailed a bit by MS hate and about a different user who was banned. Right now it appears people are getting banned, both those who downloaded the Crimson Map Pack for free and those who purchased it by other means (the Map Pass). From the Waypoint forums it appears that it happens more often after split screen custom games while playing on the new maps, though that is unclear it seems like the common denominator among the stories on the Waypoint forums.

They have an auto-ban system in place that checks for things, like boosting via playing custom games in split screen, so it's unclear if this is a result of that system screwing up with the new maps or what. The issue is certainly more complex than saying they're trolling and the other discussions kind of detract from figuring out what exactly is triggering these bans. If people are getting banned for playing split-screen on the new maps, that's messed up, I play split screen with my wife all the time, and while I haven't been banned, the idea that it could occur from just playing with her is disturbing.

I really hope 343i clearifies the situation soon.