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~ Welcome to the Lightning Returns Summary for the Uninformed and Uneducated! ~
ϟ Director: Motumo Toriyama;

ϟ Producer: Yoshinori Kitase;

ϟ Art Director: Isamu Kamikokuryo;

ϟ Character Designer: Tetsuya Nomura;

ϟ Music by: Masashi Hamauzu, Naoshi Mizuta and Mitsuto Suzuki;

ϟ Lightning Returns is a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII-2 and takes place hundreds of years in the future of the time in which XIII-2 happened.

ϟ Lightning is the only playable character. As it should be.

ϟ The battle system is a modified version of the Command Synergy Battle System used in the previous games of the series with a focus on the action aspect of it. It will be explained better later in this same summary. Stay tuned.

ϟ The story is based on a countdown to the end of the world. As Lightning said, "these are the last thirteen days".

ϟ The characters from Final Fantasy XIII-2 are not dead because the chaos spread in the end of the game rendering the world timeless, so they didn't even age and will most probably appear in this game too. In fact we already know Hope will be in it, based on the last trailer, and both Snow and Noel are strongly hinted to be in it too.

ϟ In XIII-2 the story focused on the people involvment with Etro, the goddess of death. This game will be about Bhunivelze (the god who created Pulse, Lindzei and Etro) and how the population relates with him (worship, etc).

ϟ The world where this game takes place is called Novus Partus and you can see its map here:

ϟ This world is a result of the collision of Gran Pulse and Valhalla. It is composed of four main regions: two city based and two natural landscapes, all of them surrounded by the Sea of Chaos. The keywords for the games design are: gothic, mechanical and fantasy.

ϟ There will be a new wheater system as well as a day/night cycle, where monsters become more agressive during the night time.

ϟ The largest city of Novus Partus is called Luxerion and is the one showed in the latest trailer. It features lots of clocks everywhere for the player to keep control over how much time left he has. Kamikokuryo (art director) said the concept of a dying world in which technology is slowly deteriorating was the foundation of the artwork. Motifs from 19th century London during the Industrial Revolution, Asia, and the Middle East will also appear in Novus Partus depending on the location. This is the main artwork for Luxerion:

ϟ There will be a monorail for the player to ride. It will take you to all the locations in Novus Partus. It was seen at the start of the newest trailer, but here is an artwork, in case you missed it:

ϟ The NPCS will follow the gothic style based on what we saw. Here are some examples:

ϟ Back to the gameplay and new battle system. Here I will quote myself to expose what I could presume from what I saw in the trailer:

Originally Posted by LuuKyK


Anyway, I think I got how the new ATB works.

Here is a gif:

The top rectangle on the right represents the new "paradigms" or whatever they will be called. Here Lightning is on the Divinity one. I noticed there is also a Cerberus one, with different attacks/magics/abilities, which further proves my point.

So, you can see that while she is attacking the attack rectangle is popping up, well, thats because the player is pressing the respective button on the controller (duh!). Yeah, so, looks like its basically:

Triangle = Basic Magic
Circle = Physical Attack
X = Advanced Magic
Square = Guard

Now how many attacks can she do? The superior bar on the sword thing there reduces while she attacks so thats what will restrict the times you attack. Its likely to cool down after that. Its probably when you will have to doge the attacks or guard. The other bar is obviously her health.

I also noticed some little squares under the monster HP bar, I'm supposing that is going to be something similar to the stagger bar somehow. Maybe when its empty you will deal more damage, or be able to launch the enemy.

The only thing we don't know about is that circular thing with 10000 points...

ϟ On the trailer three "paradigms" were shown:

ϟ The little squares under the monsters name are actually for status spells like slow, fog, etc... You can clearly see that here they went from empty to full:

ϟ It also looks like the number of squares vary depending on the monster you are fightning, as noticed here:

ϟ Now changing the focus a bit we are talking about exploration. It was introduced in the trailer that you are able to explore the towns now via red objects that are all over Luxerion. You can jump, climb, and even POLE DANCE. This was clearly copied from Mirrors Edge, as a certain user would say, ahem... Anyway, take a look:

ϟ Talking about neogaf users, another fan favourite has returned! Guess who? Yes, the almighty Chocobocolina is back to wish you a fantabulous day!~ Say hi to your favourite chocobo cosplayer:

ϟ Also back are the mysterious floating ball treasures thing:

ϟ The trailer also featured two new monsters! See they are not recycling content, you bastards (sadly you want be able to capture them this time though t_t):

ϟ And this concludes this episode of the Lightning Returns Summary for the Uniformed and Uneducated. See you back soon, have a great day and may the Farron Goddess bless you!

I'm late but whatever. You are welcome.