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(12-23-2012, 02:28 AM)
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Not sure if anyones posted, if so my bad, but my friend Lord Zedd released a gametype in his fileshare allowing you to use two unreleased Armor Abilites that were left on Halo 4, on the map Harvest.

Just go into his fileshare, and just download the gametypes, then go play them on Harvest.

One of the abilites is a teleporter ability, kind of like what the Prometheans have, then the 2nd ability, is an AA jammer, and if you activate it, a blue dot where be on your HUD, and you have to highlight the player. When they are highlighted, a thick layer of green shields will cover them, and any ability they are using will go void, and stop working.

Armor Ability Jammer:

Notice the blue sparkles below?

The thick layer of shields when you jamming the person

first person view

Teleporter Ability:

What it looks like when you are teleporting

All of this happens within like 0.2 of a second.

Anyways, just thought it was cool. These would have been pretty bad for gameplay. Atleast the teleporter one. This aint shadowrun.