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(12-27-2012, 07:51 AM)
I'm going to go ahead and recommend these Rooster Teeth Let's Plays of Halo 4. For one, they're pretty notable because everyone involved has a pretty diverse playstyle so it's easy to find someone to relate to. Ray and Ryan are higher-skilled players, Gavin's the next effective but relies on cheaper things like Hardlight Shield, Jack's about average but bland, Michael's worse but more entertaining, and Geoff's the oldest and arguably worst at the game but is very clearly enjoying himself. Lindsey doesn't usually show up. The most important part is that they actually make Halo 4 seem fun, though. It usually makes me actually feel like playing after watching them.

It's also hilarious because their enjoyment is subjective, but they make Jack do almost all of the shameless Mountain Dew plugging and he's the most generally disliked player out of all of them (mostly for being a sore loser/poor sport in other games/videos).