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Originally Posted by Tizoc

...sorry for derailing but it's been on my mind for a while:
SamSho V Special or SamSho 6
Which is the better game?

...and speaking of mashing, wtf is up with with mashing for Yamazki's grab super in the Real Bout games? It's like you gotta have light speed button presses or some shit lol.

0 Special or 6...

0 Special is hard hitting and in your face and I always liked that about it.

6 is a bit lighter on everything but the game has a zillion characters and zillion ways to use said characters.

I play 0 Special a bit more but both are great games so you can't go wrong with either. And fuck Hell Gaoh with a AIDS dick.

And when it comes Yamazaki mash as soon as the super starts to get all the button presses in. Always been the secret with that.