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Originally Posted by Seraphis Cain

Hahaha, man. I remember the first (and so far only) time I beat Hell Gaoh. A friend of mine was watching me play, and when I finally beat him after many, many attempts, we actually went out to eat in celebration because that shit was such an accomplishment. :lol

Beating him is nothing now. He used to be up there with Omega Rugal & Magaki but he sits with Sissy, Ignis, Clone Zero, Johann, Fernandeath & Goodman when we talk SNK Bosses now.

The fight is very parallel to Shin Bison in Alpha 3 for some reason to me. Except you can never jump or you'll get Hell Rushed to death.

Other than that wait for opening and then kill him.

Pretty sure that's what I always do but it never goes beyond Lvl. 2 lol.

No, I mean as soon as the move starts. During the super flash even depending on the game in question.

Originally Posted by Tizoc

yEAH i know lol, is the SamSho V 'groove' in 6 different to the one in V BTW?

Yeah. And there are 0 & 0 Special Grooves.

That should help clear up any questions. Shouts to DC!!!

...and maybe you can help, do you know if there's a vid that shows all the supers in SamSho 6?

There used to be one. But if I find something I'll let you know.

Originally Posted by danmaku


And now I'd like to know if it's the same for King of the Monsters because throws and getting up in that game looked totally random.

To a degree. The game does give some leeway and you even get a couple of freebies. But then the game fucks you over and makes throwing dangerous as all fuck because you'll never win a grapple.