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I have a good way of summarizing the state of the thread right now.

Pro-tip: In the end, anything that is remotely attractive will pirated. This is a fact. There is no way to stop determined pirates and this has been proven over and over again in the short time the internet has been with us in the past two decades.

So the point here is, if somehow the advent of piracy is tied to something which also makes buying customers who do not pirate rejoice, this means you're doing something wrong. That does not mean buying customers are cheering for piracy, it means that either the feature set in the base package is not satisfactory, or that somehow in the pursuit of preventing piracy something has been implemented which has an adverse effect on paying customers. Neither of these factors are good. Ideally, a company should keep consumers happy because they are what keeps the company alive. If no one buys anything, then the company dies. It is often better to put resources towards keeping customers who you know exist happy, rather than being stubborn and believing that by preventing piracy completely, you will automatically make money. This is why in general every draconian DRM scheme has largely failed.

Nintendo's "problem" in this situation is simply that there are legitimate consumers who want to see the system hacked simply because they want a functionality which is not in the system itself but should be. If this were not the case, would the 3DS still be hacked eventually? Absolutely. But there wouldn't be as loud a voice on NeoGAF celebrating this fact. Some people seem to have a problem with this. Yes I'm referring to those people who express over and over how "myopic" people are when they celebrate the 3DS potentially being hacked. It's not being myopic, it's being realistic. Every system gets hacked. It's just that in many cases, most people here simply don't care much.

The 360 is hacked. The PS3 is hacked. There have been threads talking about this same thing. Jailbreaking a system is not on its own a bad thing. It eventually leads to piracy, yes, but that's not something anyone is going to stop ever. So the real question would be: is there any benefit to me when it does happen. If there is, that's great. If not, then whatever. Arguing against this would imply that somehow if people didn't "want" the 3DS to be region free, it wouldn't be hacked. Everyone knows that's not true either. So since a system being hacked is something which can never be prevented, why argue against the people who actually have a legitimate use for it happening? That seems silly to me.