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(01-02-2013, 09:33 PM)
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Big Update Y'all!

The Monster Park is still in it.

Like in the original game, sometimes when you beat up a monster it'll get back up and you can recruit it to the Monster Park, and you can find design docs across the world to help expand your Park with new biomes.

You can talk to the monsters you've recruited.


There's now a mysterious cave in the Park. To explore it, you have to create a party of up to three monsters you've recruited and send them in. Inside, you can obtain Streetpass Shards. I'm gonna assume monster classes for the party have been excised in favor of this system.

The Streetpass Shards can be used in the Immigrant Town (the Immigrant Town is also back) to access new dungeons/areas/storylines(!)

Apparently once you get a Tavern open in the Immigrant Town, you can start passing things via the Internet?

If someone wants to clear some stuff up that I may have gotten wrong, here's the Gamewatch article and here's the Famitsu one.