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Steam Box without Windows

the Valve developed PC-game-console Steam Box will seemingly be based on Linux, not Windows. And it's not the only exciting hardware project, that Valve will present in 2013.

It doesn't come off as a huge surprise, considering that Valve-boss Gabe Newell views Windows 8 as a catastrophe: Steam Box will not be based on Windows, but on Linux instead. this was confirmed by Ben Krasnow, one of Valves hardware developers, when inquired on this topic. With that, the Linux client for Valves download and community platform Steam, which is currently in its Beta phase, gets an all new background because of this - especially as Linux will also support the big-picture-mode.

(some blurb on what Big Picture is and what Krasnow is doing in his free time and that Valve is also working on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality projects.)

But according to him, there's more than just the introduction of the Steam Box: "the hardware lab has some secret projects that will be released in 2013. We have a good groop of electronic- and mechanics-engineers and we are glad to build some really cool things", says Krasnow. In summer 2012 Valve's higher ups crticised a frustrating lack of innovation in the area of computer hardware - in a job offer. In that they also wrote: "... we want to change this."

So it's going to be exciting, if there will already be a concrete announcement on the GDC 2013 from March 25th till March 29th 2013 in San Francisco, or if we will have to wait until the US-trade show E3 2013, which is going to take place in Las Vegas from June 11th till June 13th 2013.

Sony Computer Entertainment, Nintendo and Microsoft might well get some serious competition from the PC sector - while Ouya is attacking from the mobile side with the Android console of the same name Ouya.

So not a lot of concrete things there...