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(01-05-2013, 07:41 PM)

Originally Posted by Tuck

If it uses Linux, isn't that going to limit what games can run on it significantly? Guess we will see but my hype is a bit diminished now.

Not if people develop games for Linux.

I'm sure if there was a device which was available to consumers to purchase that made Linux simple -- something like a Steambox, maybe -- then that would make it an attractive platform for developers. People who think Linux doesn't have games because it's Linux are being really shortsighted here. And to be honest, not having access to my entire Steam library on this thing isn't a big deal. Backwards compatibility will probably be similar to how it was done on Xbox 360 this generation: done on a game-by-game basis using an emulator, though in Steam's case, it'll probably be a WINE wrapper of some sort. You'll never get 100% of games running on Linux for one reason or another, but Windows game compatibility in Linux is constantly improving.

What new games it has going forward will sink or float this device.