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Originally Posted by ksamedi

To his defense, I figure smartphones are huge in Japan. If 3DS can succeed their, it should be able to succeed in the US or Europe as well. Japanese third party content is very strong for the 3DS in Japan, but is not lgetting localized and are usually not very big in western markets. Nintendo really needs to step up localization efforts.

Nintendo really needs to step up localisation efforts for titles that are not very big in Western markets? I personally would love to see more of these titles but really - they need more hits with more of a global resonance. They need Western development studios working on 3DS (and Wii U) titles, whether 1st or 3rd party.

Originally Posted by Gunloc

I think the fact that they haven't announced a release date yet is proof enough of how they've botched things already. In a game that depends so much on the social aspect, there is no reason the release dates for the different regions should be so far apart.

They could still gain back some ground, but they are already starting behind.

This really is marginal. Give them a break, stuff will start to happen over the next couple of months.