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While they reduced the heavy inertia in Reach, and upped the base speed a little, I'm still not thrilled with it. For some reason I still find myself getting caught in geometry or feel like my jumps are being held down by cinder blocks at times.
It's still somehow worse in Halo 4, for whatever reason. Tag it with Sprint in Reach, remove the red dots on the radar, and that's Halo 4's Camo.

I guess the positive for Reach is most users relied on Sprint. In Halo 4 I've noticed most seem to be using Camo, PV, or Jetpack.

Coincidentally the 3 AAs I think should either be removed, or brought back to the drawing board. They're all misguided anyway, as Hologram is clearly the superior AA. ;)


Perusing (lurking) the Waypoint forums, I came across some cool things:

This Forge map is bananas:

It's social-oriented, and it says it's a mod, but it's a cool, large city-like map. Probably one of the largest Forge creations I've seen in a long while. Interesting nonetheless.


This is a web-based screenshot extraction tool:

It allows you to extract direct-feed screenshots from Halo 4 from a saved filed that is transferred onto an external USB drive. There have been tools in the past that do something similar, but this is all web-based, so for those that aren't comfortable downloading an executable file, this should work nicely. Might be a little bit too much work for some people, but it's worth noting within the absence of File Shares or a way to capture screenshots without a capture card at this time. Now there is.


This is a pretty nice compendium thread of remake maps:

Seems to be ordered from best performance/gameplay to worst, by game, but I'm not 100% sure on that. There are quite a lot of maps here, but I'm not sure if they're from all around the web, or just Waypoint posted maps. There should be a Classic Gametype section added some time in the future. Still, it's worth keeping an eye on, I think.


(From Reddit) A compendium of Halo-related ViDocs:

There's a lot of great stuff, here. Not sure if HBO contains all these, I'm sure it does, just can't find it. I would rather they'd link to Bungie's account, but if you just want some quick vids, this might be worth taking a look at.


Bahaha, I don't know whether I should be embarrassed, or proud. I think that's the first time I've been on that list...

Oh, and nice OP, Over. She's a beaut.