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was going to create the thread. My translation:

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Sony executive previews an 'important PlayStation announcement' to be made in some few months

Hiroshi Sakamoto, Sony Home Entertainment general subdirector also highlighted how important the Chilean market is for the Latin-American technology adoption.

LAS VEGAS.- We saw new products in Las Vegas, but also could talk during some minutes with some of the top executives of the main technology companies.

One of these meetings was with Hiroshi Sakamoto, Sony Home Entertainment general subdirector, who told us in a short interview that they have an important announcement related to the PlayStation consoles to be made in the coming months.

... some talk about the good adoption of new technology in the Chilean market when compared to the rest of Latin America and about NFC devices and then...

Originally Posted by Emol

Regarding consoles, people say that Sony will make announcements this year and that would be working on the new PlayStation. Are we going to see a new model in some months?

It's still a big secret, but our Sony PlayStation friends are getting ready. I only can say that we're focused on the E3 gaming event, booked for June. The announcement can take place there or even before, in May.

But are you working on a big reveal or in something complementary?
Probably the first, we plan to release big news for this date, but we have to wait at least until May.

Just checked the OP and their translation is good enough, maybe better than my own.