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(01-14-2013, 07:05 PM)
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Top 10

1. Journey ; Simply an amazing experience that is unprecedented in gaming
2. Halo 4 ; great job by 343i (SP). Not an MP player (at least right now) so I can't comment there. Amazing graphics for the Xbox 360
3. Theatrhtyhm: Final Fantasy ; awesome nostalgia ramp. Best rhythm game of the year easily
4. Borderlands 2 ; fun writing and memorable characters
5. Fez ; a zeitgeist that flew through and left. Fun while it lasted
6. Gravity Rush ; technically playing this in 2013, but it deserves a spot in my top 10
7. Mass Effect 3 ; not so much RPG any longer, but still a fun game with characters I've followed throughout. Didn't get to the (dun dun dun) ending yet however...
8. Dishonored ; Stealth reborn
9. Persona 4 Golden ; best jRPG in ages
10. Resident Evil 6 ; the series is losing its way, but it's not the trainwreck it's made out to be

Left off due to time restrictions:
Fay Cry 3 ; fist impressions were good
Dragon's Dogma ; technically messy, but again good first impressions
Super Hexagon ; was here and gone
The Walking Dead ; only finished episode 1, so I'm still missing the boat on why this is GotY by many
Sleeping Dogs ; grabbed on sale from GMG, but haven't gotten around to it yet
XCOM ; another on the pile...