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Originally Posted by Enfinit

If you have any of the following words/letters in your gamertag, I automatically think negatively of you:

- Any variation of the word "snipe", including SnIpE, SnipE, Sn1pe, Sn1p3, etc.
- Anything consisting of multiple x's before or after your gamertag, i.e. xXx -- XxX
- Anything involving a lowercase "i" before a noun or verb, i.e. iQuickscope
- Anything involving alternating capital letters (exception to this rule: CyReN)
- Anything including the words "MLG"
- Anything referring to weed and other illegal drugs
- Including the numbers "69" or "420"
- Including the words "YOLO", "swag", or "pwn"

Think that covers the basis.

Some of my previous gamertags were:
iRhino, iTz RhiNo, X iTz RhiNo X, iShutdown, MLG Rhino 2k8.

I love you Enfinit.

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