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(01-19-2013, 06:52 PM)
Road posted this very interesting "rumor" posted by a user with a previous track record of leaking MH3G on the 3DS. This was buried in one of the Media Create Threads but a lot of users missed this and decided that this is very interesting news in its own respect.

Originally Posted by Road

Apparently the original source for the DQ7 rumor:

1. 7th entry of a famous RPG for the 3DS.
2. 3DS revision.
3. Something about a contract between Nintendo and Capcom saying no MH on other handheld systems for 3 years.

Also, this was in 2010 from the same person:

- Rumor about MH3 on the 3DS.

Am I being trolled by the Chinese?

So what does this mean?

1) Monster Hunter available for other portable platforms by 2014
2) Will be 3 years into the PSVita's cycle?
3) Will Vita remain to be a viable platform at this stage?
4) What significance does this have for the PSVita?