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(01-19-2013, 08:39 PM)
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Hey folks. Just got approved and this is my first post!

I hate to be that "guy" that brings more "insider information" to the table(especially since it's my first post and nobody knows if I'm trustworthy), but I will be for right now. I have a friend who is very, very close with Sony. I won't say what he does or who he is, but I can relay what he has told me.

I haven't kept up on this page completely so hopefully I'm bringing some new information. I showed him the rumored leaks from yesterday and he said the only thing they really got right was the RAM. According to him(I don't know tech talk very well so you might understand this better than I) the APU has 4 steamroller cores in it, bandwidth to the GDDR5 is high. Cell runs the show(OS, security, IO, etc.) and also acts as a satellite/accelerator processor for the steamroller cores. APU has access to the XDR in a similar way that RSX does. There is an SCC(Super Companion Chip) inside as well.

The ram is only 3.5gb and is in 3 pools. 2GB GDDR5 for the APU(which is not an A10), 1GB DDR3 for the SCC, and 512mb XDR(for Cell). He said the APU has 256GB/s to the GDDR5, devkits though. There is no cell in the devkit yet, maybe 1st party ones, cell integration needs final silicon.

It will be backwards compatible with PS3 AND PS2. As far as the new controller rumor, he doesn't know much as far as design goes but did say that there is no screen on the controller, however, you can use another device to have that. I assume he's hinting at the vita?

Anyways, that's the info I received. No need to believe it and I'm not saying it is 100% accurate, just going by what I've been told.