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Originally Posted by Globox_82

Sounds horrible, but thanks for sharing. Just to be clear in case you don't know. Lying about this things will give you a ban

Thanks for the welcome everyone. I've waited quite a long time :D And thanks for the the ban tip. Like I said I'm not saying this is fact, just going by what I've been told by someone who has told me things in the past about Sony that have come true. But I won't relay many things anymore, especially if it's completely opposite of what everyone else is saying. I can see how that can be total BS.

He said a Super Companion Chip is: Cell's peripheral LSI, which houses audo and image interfaces supporting high-speed data transfer capability. The chip also supports a group of interfaces for various systems (video, audio input/output, digital AV interface, IEEE1394, digital tuner interface) and a group of interfaces that make it easier to connect standard input/output devices (standard bus interface, high speed network interface and storage device interface.) It's made by Toshiba.

Also the leaks I showed him weren't the DF one, it was the VG247 leak from the other day.