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(01-21-2013, 03:03 PM)
eshop versions steady sales are great.
Also good to hear the Play store working; featured games no doubt are what a lot of people almost only ever buy. Rayman must have done great for Ubi :o

3DS eshop is a tricky one to really show off games just because of screen size limitations; WiiU seems to do a good job of featuring indies from what I've heard but. I suppose the big gain on the eshop is its release schedule is reasonably spread; iOS not so much.

As well ofc that the eshop people are you know - mostly interested in continuing their gaming hobby. Usersize is more concentrated around gaming.

Hopefully all these percentages mean good solid revenue for you though.

On a side note: If Google can work with developers, why is Steam unable to run a functioning store?
Mac Store VS Desura is very interesting though, Steam is basically the Windows game store whether MS and Steam like it or not.