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Originally Posted by Keropon

Guys, this is my first time posting in this thread. I would do a new Thread for it (since I'm very proud and the announcements were pretty cool) but obviously, I can't.

Yesterday in Chile we celebrated a HUGE pokémon-only, fan-created, "nintendo-supported" event. The Pokémon Day Chile 2013. It was amazing.
(Why is Nintendo in-between quotes? because it was supported by the main distributor of Nintendo in the Country)

With more than 2000 people assisting the event, it was the biggest pokémon event in SouthAmerica, with LOADS of cosplay, a huge show of community projects, a lot of pokémon shops and the biggest fan-made pokémon tournament in Chile, with more than 250 participants. And a TCG tournament with 54 people.

The distributor even brought TWO Official Nintendo CTR-streaming thingies (to show 3DSs in televisions/big screens) for the B2W2 tournament. Don't forget this is a fan-made event!

We had a flashmob doing the "mite mite ☆ kochichi", I haven't found the official video for it so I'll post it later. Also, make sure to watch the cosplays!

You can find more photos in the different galleries the assistants have been uploading at the Event's fb page. Will delete if it's too annoying.

I know you are thinking now: "I'm not interested, this was in Chile, not my own country after all"

But then again, there were three pretty interesting announcements by Nintendo for you guys, the first two are dated for March, near of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity release date.
  • A physical distribution Meloetta Event was announced for two local VG Shops. (this means most likely GameStop will have its own distribution event in March, too. Since every event from GS has been applied here in those two local VG Shops.)
  • The Special Edition Pikachu 3DSXL was announced and the pre-order is now available here. (Protip: Chile uses the same 3DS system as the US. So this is an American Pikachu 3DSXL. There likely will be an announcement soon about this in the US)
  • A "Pokémon South American Challenge" was announced for next year. Meaning this will be the first fan-made, physical cross-country pokémon championship in South America.

Great, isn't it? I'm seriously grateful to the people that made this event possible. I seriously was on the verge of tears, since it was so amazing (and they showed a video from the first generations of games until today at the opening ceremony).
I'm so proud of being able to participate on it. (Think about it, we in Chile didn't have ANY kind of support nor interest by Nintendo for this kind of stuff until this).

Sorry if my English is kinda choppy!