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But that's just it - its more small campaign missions, for those of us who dig campaign. 50 extra missions of relatively bite-sized campaign-like content.

Legendary can be brutal depending upon the mission, but this is offset by making things easier with four players and SpOps having no direct incentive to stay alive. Skulls and scoring would be nice additions though.

Agreed. Despite it's lack of meta-gameplay depth, it can be quite a lot of fun to play co-op. The new episode especially shows that they have the capability to bring some nice new areas to the table, as well as pacing the combat throughout like a proper campaign mission. I've been wanting "map packs" for campaign since Halo 2 introduced map packs - SpOps has a shit ton of potential, and I am fully aware that this is a bit of a testing bed for 343, as something like it has never been done with Halo before. Hopefully Firefight gets some sort of a return in the future, though, I think it's a compelling mode, too. We'll see where the rest of the season goes, but if the quality of some of the missions now in 1.5 is indicative of the potential quality of a season 2, then for the right price, say 800-1600 spacebucks per season of 5-10 episodes, I'm in, for sure.


Also, not sure if posted, but if you enjoy technical jargon like I do, there's a neat interview with Section 3 at 343 about how Halo 4 leverages Windows Azure for it's stats, etc: