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Hey guys, did you hear about Press Paws? Definitely not. Me neither till today. So yeah. I will quote them:

PRESS PAWS is a charity art show taking place on February 9th, 2013 at Gallery Nucleus from 2pm-8pm. Buy awesome art, and your money gets donated to a local animal rescue. WIN WIN. Stay tuned for more details

Save animals with the power of art and video games!

PRESS PAWS combines our loves for video games, art, and animals into one giant cosmic super-force which cannot be stopped until FUN IS HAD BY ALL. Come join us on February 9th, 2013 at Gallery Nucleus to see some amazing “animals in video games” themed art, make a purchase or two and help an animal in need, and have a good old time in cool company.

PRESS PAWS was founded by Amelia Cantlay and Sakura Minamida in May 2012 and recruited to the team rollerskating buddies Amber Drsata and Laurie Ma shortly thereafter.

We hope to see you there!

General Information
Proceeds raised at the event will go to Whats Up Dog LA.

So why am I posting it here? They commissioned several artists to draw pictures for them. And somehow, and even if some of you hate his new adventure, the Master Chief is still a famous video game character. Did you know Chief has a Shihi Tzu as a house pet? I did not. But somehow Aaron Jasinski knew it. Did 343i tell him that? I have no clue but he drew this:

Hardcore South Park fans may know Jeff Delgado. He was technical director at South Park for Season 7 and he did this incredible collage of several video game characters. You know which character is part of it? The Chief!