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(01-24-2013, 01:51 PM)
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Ok, time to open some eyes i think.

Very low polygonal terrain

Sun height doesnt affect shadows at all. Here sun is about in 30 degree, but shadow is cast from 80 degree. So lighting is static, mostly prebaked. Shadow resolution looks like 1024k.

Particles quality is on pair with pre PS2 era, alpha texture resolution 64x64?

Water rendering is very simple, there is no refraction or distortion and no reflections from objects. Also next example of very low resolution alpha textures.

Foliage is completely sprite based, same as in Xenoblade

LOD is very aggressive, even for sprite based foliage and that means bandwidth problems of WiiU

Yeah, its on pair with midtier current gen open world games, but even that is generous. What is good in this footage? Characters/NPCs models, materials and HDR.