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Originally Posted by TheSeks


Vehicles are a part of Battlefield. Close Shitters just showed DICE can't do infantry only maps to save their lives.

1 - You didn't read my post above obviously. I DID NOT SAY I dont want vehicles in the maps. Instead of jumping to conclusions and getting overdefensive, read what I'm saying. I prefer a better balance between vehicles and infantry. My least favorite maps were the most vehicle-based ones. I think the game shines best when both playstyles are viable. The B2K maps are probably my favorites because of that.

2 - We all know you hate Close Quarters. You take every opportunity to bash it when you can. But a lot of people liked it, including myself. They weren't the best, but it was surprisingly good fun and shows that they CAN actually make good infantry-only maps. I do miss the vehicles after a while, so I never play it too long, but its a nice bit of variety there for when you want it.