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(01-30-2013, 04:14 AM)
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As our industry turns more and more into a big business, the folks in charge will want to have MBAs running the business and marketing side of things. Just a fact of life.

Want to shake things up? You aren't a dudebro? Get an MBA and change the system from within - take calculated risks and try new things. Don't give in to the tried and true formula that prevents you from standing out.

Okay, that's all a really reductive argument above. But my experience over the years, and incidentally something I was just talking about today, is that once inside the big budget and risk machine that is any large company, it gets really easy to be risk averse and just focus on the P&L and only do tried and tested methods and executions. More companies need to embrace the idea of an experimental budget to give people the freedom to try new things to make their ideas and products they represent stand out more and come up with new ways to market and sell those products.

The thing is, in many places (not game industry specific), it's difficult to get into a position where you can affect that kind of change without being part of the "club" in a way, and that club usually leans to conservative, tested executions.

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