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(01-30-2013, 05:46 AM)

Originally Posted by Derrick01

Far Cry 3, AC3, Splinter Cell Conviction, AC Liberation, most of the current gen Tom Clancy stuff.

Far Cry 3 was great, if you didn't like it your loss.

AC3-okay, it was a downgrade, I agree. 1 point.

Splinter Cell Conviction was a step backwards from previous Splinter Cell games, but in it's own right it was still a great game regardless. I know your a big stealth aficionado, so I imagine the downgrade of the stealth aspect was HUGE for you..but to me, it didn't hurt the game all to much.

AC Liberation-It was a low budget vita game, made by some b-tier studio.

Btw, wasn't there only 1 current gen tom clancy game released so far?