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Originally Posted by DatDude

Far Cry 3 was great, if you didn't like it your loss.

AC3-okay, it was a downgrade, I agree. 1 point.

Splinter Cell Conviction was a step backwards from previous Splinter Cell games, but in it's own right it was still a great game regardless. I know your a big stealth aficionado, so I imagine the downgrade of the stealth aspect was HUGE for you..but to me, it didn't hurt the game all to much.

AC Liberation-It was a low budget vita game, made by some b-tier studio.

Btw, wasn't there only 1 current gen tom clancy game released so far?

2 hawx, about to be 2 splinter cells, endwar, 2 rainbow six's, 2 ghost recon advanced warfighters.

FC3 is also everything that's wrong with modern open world games. Horribly designed game outside of the missions. Open world games should encourage its freedom and experimentation, not give me a bunch of fetch quests and generic kill quests.