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Fourth Storm
(01-30-2013, 10:03 PM)
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Hey guys, I suppose I should give the contributors somewhat of an update. No, I don't have the image yet. However, I have been in contact with some friendly people at Chipworks and I assure you that you will be satisfied with the information to come in a few more days. They are actually going to special lengths for us. I humbly ask for a bit more patience and to not bombard them with emails.

I can share this in the meantime. They provided some initial measurements that seem in fact a bit smaller than previous numbers:

CPU: 4.74 x 5.85mm
GPU:11.88 x 12.33mm
NOR Flash: 1.24 x 1.46 mm (this is the small chip on the MCM and seemingly similar to Wii's EEPROM in function)

~146mm2 for the GPU is a bit less than thought, but I do have a few crackpot theories as to what will be shown.