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Translation of ITmedia report follows:

At an analysts' meeting on the 31st, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata (53) implied that there is a possibility that he may resign if he is unable to achieve 100 billion yen (US$1.09963 billion) in operating income for the next fiscal year. The company had recently revised its forecast for operating income for the full year ending March 31, 2013 to -20 billion yen (US$220.144 million), making the goal a high hurdle. Iwata aimed to appeal to investors by putting himself on the line to recover the business.

President Iwata, having seen 2 consecutive years of losses, apologized by saying, "We feel greatly accountable for this severe outlook." He further explained that the basis of meeting the goal by saying, "...we plan to actively release our key titles for Nintendo 3DS which could potentially lead the markets this year."

In the midst of sluggish sales for the next-generation home console Wii U released last year, Iwata also indicated that portable and home console development groups would be merged.

When asked how he would take responsibility if the goal is not met, Iwata emphasized his strong determination by saying, "Please understand that [achieving it] is my commitment."

Iwata, formerly the president of a development company making games for Nintendo, was selected in 2002 at the young age of 43 by former Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi, being called a person who had skill in both game development and administration.

Shares of Nintendo stock were sold off on the Osaka Securities Exchange on the 31st, at one point falling 530 yen from the previous close to 8820 yen.


The title of this thread is a translation of the ITmedia report headline. If you don't believe me, here's a breakdown...

Originally Posted by ITmedia

任天堂・岩田社長、業績不振で辞任も示唆 ゲーム機開発部門を一本化へ

任天堂・岩田社長、 Nintendo President Iwata
業績不振で due to poor business performance
辞任も even resignation
示唆 implication

ゲーム機 console
開発 development
部門を group(s)
一本化へ integrate

The first sentence of the article...

Originally Posted by ITmedia

任天堂の岩田聡社長(53)は31日のアナリスト向け説明会で、平成26年3月期に1千億円以上の営業利益を目指すことについて、「コミットメント(公約)」と 説明し、達成できない場合は辞任を含め経営責任を取る可能性を示唆した。

任天堂の岩田聡社長(53)は Nintendo President Satoru Iwata (53)
31日のアナリスト向け説明会で、 at the analysts' meeting on the 31st
平成26年3月期に in the fiscal year ending March, Heisei 26 (2014)
1千億円以上の over 100 billion yen in
営業利益を operating income
目指すことについて、 about aiming for,
「コミットメント(公約)」 "commitment"
と説明し、 thus said,
達成できない場合は if not achieved
辞任を含め including resignation
経営責任を取る take management responsibility
可能性を possibility
示唆した。 implied.

The specific question and answer...

Originally Posted by ITmedia

岩田社長は「達成できなかった場合は、どう責任を取るのか」という質問に対し、「コミットメントという言葉を使ったことで、ご理解頂きたい」と強い決意を示した 。

岩田社長は President Iwata,
「達成できなかった場合は、 "If you couldn't achieve it,
どう責任を取るのか」 how will you take responsibility?"
という質問に対し、 in response to the question:
「コミットメントという言葉を "The word 'commitment'
使ったことで、 I used,
ご理解頂きたい」 please understand,"
と強い決意を with strong determination
示した。 indicated.


Remember, Iwata's goal is to reach 100 billion yen in operating income between 4/1/2013 and 3/31/2014, not the term that just ended. If you thought there was any implication/possibility of Iwata stepping down now, you must not have read Q7/Q8 here: