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Yeah, and Nono is the slender Goddess of the Solar System, an ethereal high and mighty figure that watches for humanity's well being. But that is her entrusted role, and after all... what we have in essence from her? A righteous while at the same time scared of her own responsibilities person like any other put in that situation would be, that she affronts anyway. Trying to fulfill it in the best manner she could even insecure of herself, and ended completing her job leaving aside what she could have enjoyed on his desired normal life.

Now, and put like this, I don't see that much difference between the two! Their conviction opens the same pathways.

Nono was just emulating Noriko in her own way. Nono was boring because her strengths were almost entirely physical, while Noriko's power came not from any physical abilities, but from her dedication and resolve in light other shortcomings. She is far more relatable as a character because she is flawed. Remember, a good character is defined not just by their strengths but also by their weaknesses (ie; Batman's past, Edmond Dantès' naivety, Han Solo's arrogance). In many cases it's a character's weakness that can give them a sense of purpose - or get them in trouble. Both of which can provide a good reason for a character to evolve, or provide an inner conflict to overcome. As a machine with few flaws it was difficult to connect to Nono. She had little to sacrifice and her only real weakness was her stupidity (which is easily and instantaneously overcome when necessary). You could argue that one of her weaknesses was her longing for Noriko's return, but I think that's a stretch - it also doesn't do anything to help her character. And I'm not sure I would describe Nono as being slender either, since that is far too generous.... I think she was more stick-like. Hardly any sex appeal at all.

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You lost me at "fully grown woman."

As it was stated earlier, Azunyan is 17 (and 18 in the manga now I believe). By most standards that is easily considered a young lady. From a medical perspective she is obviously post-menarche, and if seduced properly, Azunyan would be physically capable of giving you an evening filled with wonders. Of course she maintains her petite figure and youthful appearance, most likely due to genetics, so it would be impossible to blame anybody for wanting to impregnate her.