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Registrant Contact:
Private Registrant
The Collective
17677 S. Muskogee Ave
Tahlequah, OK 74464

"The Collective" is in Prey 2, Dra’Gar one of the leaders:

The second of the two missions saw Killian get his bounty hunter boots on and head after a target. This is after he chased – and killed – an ambient target that his visor picked up on the streets. The target: Dra’Gar, the Collective Leader. Whereabouts: unknown. Objective: capture alive. First things first then, find the whereabouts of the target. Killian’s first job is to see out Knux, an informant, and after locating him via parkour and dispatching his hired thugs, he’s more than happy to help – shock!

He is a new character from Prey 2. He is a mafia gang leader with the ability to teleport. He is wanted by the regime for connections to an uprising with a bounty paying 1000 CR, collateral damage acceptable!'Gar

That wikia says "Affiliation: Ceros Collective" though, maybe they switched names.