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Originally Posted by Daedardus

I'm talking about the cube in the middle, with the orbs that expand based on the speed you are walking. The orbs destroy the wall, but don't make a hole big enough and the wall regenerates too quickly. You sure it can be moved?


It's rather quite tricky to get it down, but the way I did it was...

Don't keep moving once you've already broken a lot of the cube. Let it regenerate, and try again. If you keep moving, it'll regenerate too much over any area you want to move through.

I found that only one of the sides consistently made a hole big enough to jump through. Move around, try to look for the hole, wait for the cube to regenerate, then move to where you saw the biggest hole. Then move around to break it open again, and usually it breaks open in a similar pattern as before.

You know, there was actually one puzzle I never did solve. I'm not sure if the puzzle was actually unsolvable. But it had a gate that closed faster than you could move through it, and I couldn't find any way to bring a block into the puzzle room. And the actual point where the gate was, was about five puzzle rooms deep, with no way to teleport to any of them except for where you find the entrance.

I might make a photo diary of it to see if anyone else has found out how to do it / if there's anything through the puzzle.

because there is at least one optional puzzle with no reward for completing it, heh.


For those curious, I did a 20 minute playthrough of the game using only the yellow gun. Spoilers below.
Part 1 / Part 2

Only takes 10 minutes with the red gun :(