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Q. What is the timeframe of the new software you were mentioning? What about the development structure?
Iwata : we are not thinking about a long timeframe. We are thinking about Mid year up to End of the year 2013. We also have games that are slated for end of the year that we havent mentioned yet.
Miyamoto : It takes time to understand the charm of wiiu. We are currently offering a few titles but we are aiming for games that sell steadily for the next 3 years not for games that stop selling after a few weeks. We have a lot of ideas for 2 screen play. We definately need more employees internally and externally so we are strengthening our development teams.
Q. Cloud gaming is becomming popular. What about a unified platform?
Iwata: there are things you can do with cloud gaming and there are things you cant do. We dont agree that cloud gaming is the future and we are trying to work hard on a future where gaming only consoles are not gone. Unified platforms are for us not platforms that are one but rather platforms that have the same development architecture. This also means that there could be more platforms.
Mizamoto: We needed to create new development environments for wiiu and 3ds unlike wii which reused the gamecube architecture. We are unifying our development teams to accomodate this challenge and minimize the losses while preparing the shift. I think handhelds and consoles will coexist as the aim is different.
Q. Asymmetrical multiplayer and pikmin 3
Iwata : I hear a lot of people saying that Nintendoland was great, so we think asymmetrical gaming is not a bad thing. However it is hard to get the message out, that this is a fun way to play.
Miyamoto: Pikmin3s greatest charm is to look at the Pikmin in HD. I think it is a great strategy game that has a constant minimap displayed on the gamepad. There is also OffTV play.
Q. Isnt the WiiU architecture too much focused on the GPU?
Miyamoto : For High End graphics there is a hurdle, since we have to reeducate our people. The development itself hasnt changed but we are recruiting specialists that can become core members in each specialized area. External Developers are used to shader techniques and we are collaborating a lot with external companies nowadays so we have a very good development structure.
Iwata: Every gaming hardware has its specialities. There is a timing of hit and miss before the functions can be used fully. We were not able to provide development kits that get out all the power of wiiu until mid of last year. With other gaming consoles firms had 6 to 7 years to experiment but our console has a different balance so it is easy to see who has adapted and who hasnt. However this is something time will heal so we are not too worried.
Takeda : WiiU is a machine that has a lot of performance compared to its power consumption. The GPU is definately more pronounced than the CPU . There are people saying that the CPU is weak but that is not true. It is a trendl that the cash memory is whats getting biggrr with CPUs not the processing power. i do not think at the CPu is underpowered. Its just a design where the memory is more stressed.
Q. What about NFC
Iwata : there are two trends. one is with figurines or cards. We are currently working with developers on this and we will see various games this year.

The other one is E-money payment. we are also working on this.


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