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(02-04-2013, 11:00 PM)

Originally Posted by Winterfang

Where's the patch for the console version SOL? I want to play online again.

It's coming, we've got versions in test with SEGA at the moment so we're quite far on with it.

Originally Posted by Shotgun Kiss

Hey S0L, any further word on any DLC at all? Specifically, the character polls a few months back? :-)

Can't really say much on this yet, but it's something that's very much in discussion!

Originally Posted by didamangi

Any chance you could pass on the request to remove black bars from non 16:9 resolution on the PC version? (with hor+ fov preferably)

This one isn't straight-forward as the whole interface is designed for 16:9 and can't simply be scaled. Hence the letterboxing. It's unlikely to change, sorry!