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(02-08-2013, 02:14 AM)
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Nobody buys the game = Ubisoft shrugging and saying "Oh, nobody wants 2D games, platformers, or anything but Asscreed after all. Good to know. We won't bother making any more of that stuff."

Maybe it's fucked, but that's the industry.

Originally Posted by Yuripaw

It's not my job to pity the developers, grow some balls and stand up to the higher ups within the publisher. Don't cry to us, I'm not their friend They want my money? Well, they ain't getting it now. Simple as that.

I'm sure the dev team marching up to the CEO and demanding they cancel the PS360 versions and/or go ahead and ship the WiiU version right now would work great.

This is an industry that shutters entire studios with 2 hours notice and escorts everyone out of the building without allowing them to retrieve personal effects from their lockers.