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I'm sure Sega knew about it, but they might not have known the extent of it. Or maybe they do know and just wanna give the FU to Gearbox. Gearbox was in a very different position when they took this job, pre-Borderlands. Don't forget that 2K also dumped Duke Nukem into their lap, a job Gearbox likely couldn't say no to. At that point the priorities look like this:

1) borderlands 2 borderlands 2 borderlands 2
2) let's get duke nukem out the door so 2K will give us money for borderlands 2
3) hey, brothers in arms isn't doing so hot anymore, but it's ours and people sure liked that inglorious basterds movie
4) shit, we still gotta do aliens. we're barely out of preproduction and sega is running out of patience.

So you outsource most of the content creation to other studios, and put a small group of your guys on making maps and balancing MP. Then you drag things out with Sega and hit enough milestones that they keep cutting checks.

I don't think Gearbox screwed Sega over in some machiavellian scheme. I do think Colonial Marines would have turned out better if Randy had made it a high priority.

Before Colonial Marines was cancelled in 2008, they already had some outsourcing. When the game was restarted in mid-2009, they had to re-build the team for the game. Sega knew pretty well which parts were outsourced and what the extent of internal development was. No matter what, Gearbox was responsible for the general supervision and creative vision of the project.

And a Timegate employee about the first mission: