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Originally Posted by InfiniteNine

He is playing on Revengeance atm.

Mind to post a link to the stream?

The Wooden Sword has a VERY interesting mechanic tied to it.

Wooden Sword mechanic spoilers below:

I have to get ready to go to work, but I can post a bit about the sword before doing so. Any other questions I won't be able to answer till later tonight.

The Wooden Sword is unique because it cannot cut anything: no blade mode, and no barrier breaking, meaning you have to switch to something else. It is basically a totally blunt object. It doesn't have a unique 'attack' string, as it shares the combos of the HF blades, but it has something else that makes it really interesting.

The sword has a % chance to make humanoid enemies (ones that would count as 'kills') vanish, starting at a 2% chance and going to a 20% chance when fully upgraded. Enemies that 'vanish' in this way are removed from the game, but do not count towards your kills, meaning it is the perfect weapon if you are attempting a 'No Kill' run of the game. (The book doesn't say what it does against bosses, however, so I couldn't tell you how it affects them).

Also, instead of a power UPgrade, it has power DOWNgrades, meaning that it is the perfect weapon for people looking for an extreme challenge, but also for doing things like an S-Rank Easy Mode run through, because it allows you to put together very long combos and rack up a lot of points on enemies. By the time you are finished 'upgrading' its power, it basically does almost no damage at all to enemies.