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(02-17-2013, 11:38 AM)
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"Literary giant Haruki Murakami is set to release his first novel in three years in April, publisher Bungeishunju Ltd. said Feb. 16.

His last major work was in April 2010, when “1Q84: Book 3,” the final volume of a trilogy, was released by Shinchosha Publishing Co.

Murakami, famed for “Norwegian Wood” and other works, has long been tipped to win the Nobel Prize in Literature.

In the meantime, he has translated into Japanese Shel Silverstein’s “Giving Tree,” published by Asunaro Shobo, and “Ozawa Seiji-san to Ongaku ni Tsuite Hanashi o Suru” (I talk with Mr. Seiji Ozawa about Music), a talk with the world renowned maestro, published by Shinchosha."

Didn't like 1Q84 one bit and I consider it even one of his worse work but I still find myself kinda hyped. I also wish people would get over Murakami winning a Nobel, it ain't gonna happen.