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Originally Posted by Zeppelin

I bet it will contain ear porn, a lonely man, a teenage/under-age girl, the war in Manchuria, some cooking and all the other things Murakami seems confined to write about.

I think Quaterlyconversation said it well in their 1Q84 review

All this leads us to the unavoidable conclusion that after over 30 years and countless pages Murakami has very little left to say. If the mediocre books of the 2000s didnít evidence it enough, this book does; in 1Q84 there is simply nothing that Murakami hasnít said better elsewhere. I write this with a great sadness, as a reader who has loved Murakamiís novels and who feels a sense of shame at having to warn off other lovers of Murakamiís work. But there is no other verdict to register. 1Q84 is a great disappointment to the reputation Murakami has built as a writer, and it will not be remembered very favorably when assessing his legacy. It raises a serious doubt as to whether Murakami has anything left to tell us.

I hope Murakami will prove them wrong but even I have lost some hope when it comes to Murakami and his new work.
Edit. I did like Kafka on the Shore. That was mainly due to Nakata and Hoshino story, didn't give a crap about Kafka and his boring ass side of the story.