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Might as well ask here. So I kinda started reading Dance Dance Dance(100+ pages) and have only just realized its a freaking sequel to Wild Sheep Chase?! Should I go back and read that first? Also I read that Wild Sheep Chase was influenced by Conrad's Heart of Darkness which I literally just finished today so I'm doubly interested. Of course if there's little connection I might read it after but don't want to ruin anything. :(

I read Dance Dance Dance before I read A Wild Sheep Chase. There are some touching points but they are rather few. Plus, I found Dance Dance Dance to be a better novel, so I say stick to it.

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I think Quaterlyconversation said it well in their 1Q84 review

I hope Murakami will prove them wrong but even I have lost some hope when it comes to Murakami and his new work.
Edit. I did like Kafka on the Shore. That was mainly due to Nakata and Hoshino story, didn't give a crap about Kafka and his boring ass side of the story.

To be honest, I felt that way after just having read Dance Dance Dance and The Wind Up-Bird Chronicles. Read one of those (and maybe Norwegian Wood) and you've seen what Murakami has to offer.