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(02-18-2013, 11:36 AM)
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Sooo... It seems like Broadway was core shrinked back in 2009:

Why is this relevant? well, I'd say premeditation-wise; to my knowledge IBM hasn't core shrinked their PPC 750 commercial offerings past 90 nm and wikipedia says this:

IBM has no public plans to produce a 750-based microprocessor in a process smaller than 90 nm, effectively phasing it out as a commodity chip competitive in such markets as networking equipment.


So they didn't make a 750CL at 65 nm but here we have *this*. Quick photoshop scaling tells me the width for it should be 3.1 mm in relation to the original's 4.2 mm; so scaling proportionally should mean a 3.1x3.33 area (10.3 mm˛, down from 18.9 mm˛ which is less than half the size and thus surely 65 nm); height doesn't seem to be the same though, but since perspective is different it's hard to know for sure.

Anyway my "theory" is that they knew for a fact they were keeping the PPC750 architecture in 2009 (because taking this aside, Nintendo didn't bother with core shrinking on the Wii; bigger chip and biggest candidate for a shrink would have been hollywood anyway, who remained the same), so that was already R&D; perhaps the internal core layout had already changed from the 90 nm broadway and closer to what we have on the 45 nm espresso?

Just tossing that idea in, could be the lost stepgap.