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(02-18-2013, 08:34 PM)
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But how likely is it for them to show off a next gen project when Beyond is still in development? Maybe they have a separate team with a different director making the game?

I think a possibility is that they'll just show another Kara tech demo a la Heavy Rain's Casting Call at the PS meeting, but we'll see.

well, the game might be completely different than BEYOND (in design and gameplay), making it easier to show off... but that's just a blind guess.

Another tech demo makes sense, though, as it would put Kara fresh in people's minds again. That would be important if they indeed plan to make a game based on the world/character.

I agree with what SolidSnakeX said in another thread- QD has become pretty important within Sony Computer Entertainment, so it's likely that Cage & Fondaumiere are just going to be there because the 20th is a massive event for the company.