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(02-19-2013, 10:25 PM)

Originally Posted by CrashPrime

I think at this point, from what I've gathered;

Buy the $9.99 version if

a) You only want to play the single player campaign.

b) You aren't sure you'll like the game's multiplayer component.

You will end up spending an extra $5.00 to upgrade to Premium if you end up playing the base game online and fall in love.

If you want to buy the game for multiplayer, just grab the $34.99 Premium.

I would not recommend this at all. Seriously one of the worst campaigns I've ever played. I didn't even finish it because I got stuck and couldn't change the difficulty mid-campaign...
I ended up googling the ending, and it was pretty terrible as well. The game's campaign make Cod games look like a masterpiece.