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(02-20-2013, 01:33 PM)
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Goodness gracious, I wonder if I ever enjoyed unboxing a console as much as this.

First off--and maybe it's just me--but I think the WiiU is beautiful. That glossy black console is like a thing from another world, such that even my girlfriend remarked how pretty it is.

A fingerprint magnet, sure--but that's why I handled everything using soft cloths--so it can all stay perfect for just one day.

It took a while to get going, as the Gamepad needed a good two or three hours to charge. But I dig the stands that come with it--again, I just think the Gamepad looks aces sitting up on one of those.

To my relief, the ZombiU consoles come with up-to-date system software--no need to endure a long update. Good thing, too because one you turn this machine on and that relaxing, melodic mix of music teases you from both television and Gamepad, all you want to do is dive in.

Nintendo could have been more clear about what a Nintendo Online Profile is--I thought I might already have had one with either my Wii or 3DS, but I actually needed to create one. Not a big deal, but I could see casuals getting badly confused.

So I set everything up and downloaded Nintendoland via the included digital code. That took about 45 minutes to download and maybe another 20 or so to install. But the download happened in the background, so I was able to do other things, such as salivate over the Mighty Switch Force video on the eShop. Think I'll be buying that.

Next time I sit down, I'm going to transfer my Wii data over. Hope I can just move the Virtual Console games, as opposed to Wii game saves, as I still plan to use my Wii in the living room.

So I came away impressed by the beauty and, yes, even elegance of the system. And also a little frustrated that so many are so eager to bag on this hardware without having experienced it for themselves. The WiiU really is a nice machine, and I got a lot more in the box ("tablet" controller, Pro Controller, two games, vertical stand, HDMI cable, sensor bar--all for a lot less money) than I did with my $599 original PS3 or even my $399 Premium Xbox 360 several years ago.

I think my next purchase is going to be from the eShop in the form of Nano Assault Neo (I think it's called). I adored the 3DS game and seeing those neon nano-pixels light up my bedroom LCD last night just made me all tingly inside.

Nintendo looks glorious in HD!